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> Level 45 or higher < > Min. online time played weekly: 25h on average; if you play below 20 hours, don't apply. Applicants must attend raids and guild events on a weekly basis, be team players, good enthusiasm and gaming spirit; skilled players that learn quickly on raids and adapt to situations.
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Marksburg Castle, a pushover or the real thing?

Dakaran, Dec 13, 08 7:08 PM.
It's been some time  but we keep our force moving foward. After our debuts in the raiding scene tier 2, we went at it again, and this time we made it almost to the end. We have not said our last word on it, soon this castle lord will fall! Our attempt was made with only a few of our crew since we already had run into the previous dungeon with the core. For a 2 groups run this was  blast and a hell of a fun trip.

This place was not what I thought it would be. The truth is they welcome you very agressively but once the entrance of each floor has been cleared there is not much of a challenge anymore. It's free farming all the way into the sunset my friend ;p.

More updates on tier 2 dungeons coming up next week! Stay tuned for the time we enter the Tower of Babel back to back after we finish this place.

Eons recruitment is still opened for exceptional raiders and heavy playtime players that want to push the limits of their characters. Must be level 45+ and have the will to attend raids with minimum 25h weekly worth gameplay to apply. If you think you fit right in, shoot me a whisper I'll be glad we talk it over.

Contact Dakaran after reading the rules and ethics on front page.

Eons Guild is playing on Mycenae server in Atlantica Online.


Homeless snakes looking for a refuge!

Dakaran, Dec 5, 08 6:17 PM.
Hello fellow readers,

tonight at 1800 EST we launched an all out attack on the Ruined Shrine! Without loosing time we went at it without showing mercy on the foul beasts haunting these grounds. The results were quickly showing as none stood up against us floor after floor.

Now, don't ask me why but this place gave me a flash back of Ssra raids golems and snakes all over the place in a big imperial chamber.... just like good old EQ ;p. None the less, this dungeon was a blast and we enjoyed our time.

In the end, the Stigmatized Queen admitted defeat as she went down to the ground for a round of floor mopping=p!

The rewards for this run was 500 guild points, 15 jars and some nice equipment boxes and rarer items for the guild members who attended.

Congrats on clearing tier 1 dungeon! Coming up next tier 2 - Marksburg Castle  we're looking up to it ^^!

Forums updated - Rules & ethics charter released!

Dakaran, Nov 13, 08 12:04 PM.

Hello folks,

We had a very busy week, so today, we took the time to sit down and write some more. A very extensive document that covers most information and answer the questions you might have before applying but also while you travel with Eons.

Reading the Rules & Ethics in the front page but also taking the time to visit the forums will go a long way in keeping you informed how the guild works and what to do to increase your chances to get in!

Please enjoy this wonderful game, Atlantica Online, the best Tactical turn-based MMORPG to date!

Dakaran - Eons Guild Leader

Eons Has a New Address!

System, Nov 11, 08 9:08 AM.
Eons has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

PGE program launched! We instated citizens in our town!

Dakaran, Nov 8, 08 9:50 PM.
The news spread far and wide once it started. Citizens from far abroad traveled to our town, the beautiful capitol of Europe and France, Paris. All massing at the gates and on the streets  to enter this place of freedom and knowledge!

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